Thursday, 13 December 2012

The first stage…the chat with Tim

So, last week I had a call from Tim Lawson, the founder of SiS.  I admit I had preconceived ideas about what he would say.  I was convinced that the reason I reach for the biscuits and am starving after short rides is that I haven’t been eating or taking on energy drink whilst riding – WRONG!  He explained that there are benefits on riding ‘empty’, so I should ride with SiS Go Hydro Tabs in water and carry SiS Go energy gel just in case.  That was a surprise and I haven’t tried the Go Hydro tabs yet so look forward to that.  The important thing here is that as soon as I get back I should have SiS REGO recovery and nothing else for an hour or so to let it do its job unhindered.  This is fascinating, and totally different to what I have been doing which is to immediately have toast/peanut butter/banana/muesli bar  ie a lot of carbs when I get back from a ride.
I had a feeling Tim would say I was not taking on enough protein and sure enough…I am not taking in anywhere near enough protein!  If I increase the amount of protein I eat I will stop having those cravings for biscuits and junk because I won’t be hungry.  So 20g of protein for breakfast – 2 eggs, mix in some SiS REGO Protein powder into my porridge or even have a ‘fry up’ of bacon and egg on a pile of salad….interesting!  Tim also suggested I cook with coconut oil…I will have to do some googling to find ways to do that.  He also suggested some SiS REGO Night to help overnight recovery, improve sleep and stop me waking up starving.

The other thing we talked about was increasing my amount of Omega 3 intake, to get my skin, brain and heart to work better – and there is research to suggest that if you take enough for long enough it helps reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.  I have been taking an Omega 3 supplement from Boots every day, but apparently these are not concentrated enough, and the fish oil can be ‘bad’ and do more harm than good.  I suffer a bit with hair loss and dry skin, and the other benefits sound great so I really want to try the SiS Omega shots.  I will also start eating more oily fish such as mackerel.

So I have already started to put some ideas into action.  2 eggs for breakfast yesterday and I wasn’t even slightly hungry during the morning – had no biscuits all day!  Hooray!  Today I thought I would try mixing SiS REGO Protein powder into porridge but unfortunately didn’t like it, so I am now sitting here sipping a shake made up with SiS REGO Protein powder instead!  I am really keen and motivated to make this work, so I am going to stick to the advice….oh, and I need to stop buying biscuits – if they are not there I can’t be tempted to eat them!

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