Sunday, 16 December 2012

Its arrived!

I had an early Christmas present arrive yesterday - a big box of SiS products, so now there really is no excuse

So, I have started straight away.  18 miles yesterday followed by SiS Rego Protein powder and a SiS Rego Night powder at 9pm last night.  I warmed up the chocolate Rego night - and thought it might taste a bit like hot chocolate.  It didn't unfortunately so I don't think I will warm it up tonight and will have it cold like a normal protein shake!  Didn't notice much different last night with my sleep - except having to get up for a wee because I drank close to bedtime.  I will have to see how that goes.

I trie the omega shots this morning - didn't realise they needed to be kept in the freezer but I have managed to clear a space!  Hmmmm, the taste is going to take a bit of getting used to to say the least!  I may try putting it in some orange juice tomorrow morning as it was a bit of a shock on its own.  But I am really keen to see the benefits of Omega 3 so I will be persevering.

The club run this morning, 46 miles fairly hilly miles in the Chilterns powered by Go Hydro in my SiS bottles, and a Go Isotonic Gel half way round.  Hoped that would be enough but I started feeling a bit weak near the end and had to have an energy bar.  Got home and had the SiS ReGo recovery.

So, 106 miles this week.  Now all the products have arrived I will be really interested to use them properly and see what happens!

Oh...and I haven't had any biscuits this week...(but I have had alot of eggs!)

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