Thursday, 10 January 2013

Is it working?

I have been following Tim's advice and have been using the SiS products religiously for the past month, so are they working?

Not only am I trying to follow the nutrition advice, but I have also got a basic training plan from a coach at the cycling club - which includes scary things like intervals, endurance rides and recovery rides so I have started to follow that as much as possible as well.

OMEGA 3 shots  - I have nearly finished my first pot of omega 3 shots - I have taken them every day now for a month.  I now take them in either orange juice or lemon squash (as they have lemon flavouring in them that seems to work quite well) - my skin is softer, whether they are contributing to my cardiac fitness I can't say but I am certainly going to keep taking them.

PROTEIN - I have eaten alot of eggs and taken alot of REGO recovery and SiS Protein shakes.  I love the strawberry REGO recovery - it tastes great and is just what I need after a ride.  When I have done a ride during the day I then have SiS REGO night, which I have bought more of in the past couple of weeks.  I prefer the chocolate to the Vanilla, and it certainly seems to help me to be ready for another ride the next day.  I have eaten a few biscuits over Xmas - but generally my biscuit consumption has gone right down!  I was hoping to see my weight go down, which is hasn't  - yet!  All the protein makes me a do I put this politely?... windy.....which my family is not too keen on, but no pain no gain!

SiS Hydro - I like these little tablets - really easy to use and I can carry extras if I need to refill my water bottle.  At the moment I am using these for rides less than 90 mins, and using GO Electrolyte for rides longer than this.  I tried a long ride on just the Hydro and bonked - ending up having to take gels and energy bars, so I wont do that again!

So is all this know what, I think it is!  Last weekend on the club run someone said - 'wow Sarah you are back on form', and I feel like I am.  I went out and did 100km yesterday and found it quite easy (it was as flat as a pancake but even so).   The weight is not coming down, but I will keep working on that.  I have a chat with Dr James Morton from SiS next week and have a few questions - I particularly want some advice on how to get through the Willy Warmer, which is a 210 km Audax that I am riding a week on Saturday....I will let you know how that goes!

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